At Horse & Hive, our lesson horses are more than just horses, they are family. Each horse has a personalized diet, health and training program that ensures they are happy, healthy, and able to pass onto our students all of the knowledge they have acquired in teaching children and adults the art of riding and horsemanship. 

7yr old, Thoroughbred

Archie is a retired Thoroughbred race horse, also known as an OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred). Archie has gone through an extensive training program with our trainers and has proven himself to be very kind and willing both undersaddle and on the ground. He is used for beginner through more advanced lessons and loves getting to help students learn the joys and benefits of ground work. He is a quirky guy with a goofy and fun personality.

6yr old, Haflinger

Cannoli is a relatively new member of our lesson program but is already becoming a student favorite with his silly personality and flowing mane.

19yr old, Paint

Cloud is the dictionary definition of the perfect lesson horse. He is reliable, kind, and a perfect gentleman. But don't let his angelic face fool you - beneath his calm exterior lies a competetive spirit! Cloud is at his happiest when he gets to jump and participate in pony games.

18yr old, Tennessee Walking Horse

Dorito is another new member of our team. As we get know him, we are learning that he is easy to handle on the ground and we are excited about him being able to teach our students what a gaited horse is and how to ride one.

13yr old, Draft Mule

M&M is the newest member of our team. She is a Draft Molly Mule and the first Mule we have had at the farm! We are taking our time letting her settle into life on the farm, but she is already proving herself to be very sweet, patient, kind and she loves going for walks around the farm.

17yr old, Thoroughbred

Mater is another OTTB in our lesson program, he is also a unicorn; which means he is the perfect lesson horse! Mater is a little quirky, but is very forgiving of rider mistakes and can easily be ridden by beginners through more advanced students.

Manicotti (Mani)
11yr old, Quarter Horse

Mani is also a new member of our team but is already proving to be a great asset! He is friendly and easy to handle on the ground. Under saddle, he challenges our students to be better riders. He has done a bit of everything over his life, including jumping.

18yr old, Arab X

Meatball is just as silly as her name would imply. She is a little round ball of fun! Her favorite things to do are snack and take naps.

15yr old, Draft X

Mocha is a sweet and sensitive horse that can be a little shy at first but once a rider earns his trust, it is forever. Mocha can be ridden bridleless and is very experienced with ground work exercises!

12yr old, Appendix Quarter Horse

Newton is a sweet and very personable guy with a big personality who likes to make friends. He is currently in training to join the lesson program and we have high hopes for this silly guy.

18yr old, Haflinger

Peaches is a gem of a lesson pony. She can be ridden by both our youngest and smallest riders, or our more advanced students. She is spunky and definitely has her own opinions!

20yr old, Pony of the Americas (POA)

Sprite has a been there, done that attitude and was previously used to do a little bit of everything, including eventing. She might be the smallest member of the team in size, but she makes up for it with her spunky attitude!

30yr old, Arab X

Sundae might be the oldest member of the team, but don't tell her that! Sundae is full of energy and loves having a job. She is a former ranch horse but now enjoys playing around with Dressage and jumping.

Tater Tot
20yr old, Haflinger

Tater Tot is definitely the most unique member of our team - she is missing an eye and an ear, but neither of those stop her from being a stellar lesson pony. She is beloved amongst our staff and students for her sweet and kind nature. She is truly one of a kind.

13yr old, Pony of the Americas (POA)

Zack is another horse currently in training to join the lesson program. He has a silly personality and is curious about everything around him.